April 4, 2016

About Us

Global Educators Association for Educational Research and Development “GEAERD” is a unique and startling platform that possess a potential to provide a proficient and astounding vigor to our Education System. The prime reason of embarking upon Geared is to unite all the like minded educationists, researchers and intellectuals who altogether can bring a remarkable change in the educational domain by using their skills and knowledge in an utmost manner. Below mentioned are a few of the branches of this strong headed tree who with the rest of its attributes can provide the most relishable fruits in academics and congruent associations:

Research and Development: We under Geared will be conducting numerous Research Programs that can startle the Education System Worldwide by handing over interesting and realistic facts and approaches that can make education much better and far more sustainable.

Training Programs and Workshops: Bringing a change in any Educational System is not a one man show and hence requires a capable team. For this purpose, we at Geared offer numerous training programs and workshops for every individual who is a part of this vast pool of knowledge known as Education. Our training programs are designed to eliminate the sluggishness that blocks the best of knowledge to emanate out of an individual’s mind and prepare him to dazzle in his current role and responsibilities.

Certifying Companies Working in Educational Space: We, at Geared will provide certification to all those organizations who possess remarkable products and services that can help to enhance the current Education System. Which in-turn also mean that we will try our level best to whittle those organizations who are providing nugatory products, for the betterment of our valuable Education System so that the institution as well as students are benefited in an utmost manner.

Events, Summits and Seminars : Like stated above, bringing an sort of amendment is not possible with an efficient team effort. Hence, at Geared we will be conducting myriad events, summits and seminars on the hot topics related to the Education System which will give an opportunity to all the proficient educationists and intellectuals to come forward and present their views as well as suggestions that can bring as astounding change in the vast system of Education and Knowledge.