Press Release of the 1st Asia Summit on Sustainability and Human Education Development


Recently GEAERD “Global Educators Association for Educational Research and Development” conducted a highly proficient summit based on the theme of “Sustainability and Human Education Development”, in The Park, New Delhi which was attended by more than 130 school principals and owners and was highly appreciated by them. The enchanting speeches given by a number of brilliant educationists like Prof. MM Pant (Ex Pro Vice Chancellor, IGNOU) enthralled the audience and ignited the spark within them to make learning fun as well as highly enhanced.

Other than Prof Pant, this summit was graced by senior educators and the global team members of GEAERD as the speakers.

1. Dr. Prabhat kaushik. (Dir. General, Zee Schools and Chief of Research and Strategic Development, GEAERD)
2. Dr. Madhui Parti (CEO, Singhania Education Foundation and President, Human Capital and Infrastructure, GEAERD)
3. Dr. Kathy Chandler (CEO, VIP Student Services, USA and Sr. Advisor, GEAERD)
4. Prof. Shailendra N Kulkarni (Ex Vice Chancellor, Noida International University and President University Engagement, GEAERD)
5. Dr. Ruquyah Gandhi (Educational adviser to 8 countries and WBO and Chief Training and Development Officer, GEAERD) from Singapore were few speakers cum team members that were present in the summit.
Mr. Himanshu Sharma, Founder, CEO of GEAERD who reflected his vision to the participants, and shared his views about the future course of action of this non profit association, which came in existence in less than 2 months time with direct presence in 18 plus countries and educator base in more than 80 countries

The team added that this is just a beginning of something incredible that is going to transform the education system and policies, while improving the quality and quantum of education and involving in extensive research in the same field.

2 thoughts on “Press Release of the 1st Asia Summit on Sustainability and Human Education Development

  • Congratulations to all members!
    Excellent beginning for GEAERD. I hope we can collectively initiate few, much needed, educational reforms.

    Happy to be a part of this group.

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