Report of the 1st Asia Summit on The New Avatar: Zooming technology into the future and preparing for the present


Recently GEAERD “Global Educators Association for Educational Research and Development” conducted a highly proficient summit based on the theme of “The New Avatar: Zooming technology into the future and preparing for the present”, in Telangana Tourist Plaza, Begumpet, Hyderabad, Telangana which was attended by highly proficient educators from entire India and the summit was highly appreciated by them. The enchanting speeches given by a number of brilliant educationists like Dr. Suma Jayachandran (Country Representative-Malaysia, GEAERD) enthralled the audience and ignited the spark within them to make learning fun as well as highly enhanced.

Other than Dr. Suma Jayachandran, this summit was graced by senior educators and the global team members of GEAERD as the speakers.

1. Dr. NG Khar Thoe (Sr. Researcher, SEAMEO RECSAM and Adviser, Edmodo)
2. Mr. Amit Goyal (Country Head, edX)
3. Mr. Anupam Kaushik (Head of Technology, GEAERD)

The outcomes of the summit are mentioned below:

The event was distributed into two sections

Section 1: Classroom Innovation in schools

Track 1: Advanced tools: a challenge in the Digital Era for teaching and learning in schools by Dr. NG Khar Thoe .

Dr. Ng Khar Thoe is Sr Researcher at South East Asian Ministers of Education Organisation [SEMEO], an advocate for Science Education integrating transdisciplinary approaches supported by blended learning tools. With more than 200 publications and a number of books, modules as as well as papers with winning of acclaims and appreciation from many, e.g. ICDE2013, 1RCCS, 2RCCS, to name a few.


– Use of Learning Activity Management System (LAMS) to promote high order thinking skills through student centered activities such as PBL.

– Understanding the challenges in the digital era

– SEAMEO [7 priority areas] and Malaysian education blueprint related to ICT

Track 2: Students’ voices. teachers’ voices and the public goals of education by
Dr Suma Jayachandran

Dr. Suma is the GEAERD’s country head for Malaysia, Dr. Suma Jayachandran’s expertise is in Values- based education with a PhD in Values Education from the University of Sydney, Australia. Suma has worked with School Administrators, Teachers and Curriculum writers on how to integrate Human Values into the curriculum. She has authored several publications focusing on areas related to Sustainable Education. She has many accolades in the form of international awards. She has also authored along with Dr Barbara Rousseau on “Your conscious classroom”


– Cruciality of Teacher support and teacher attitude in online learning

– Importance of Student voices

– Importance of student reflection and teacher journals for online learning

– Customise learning for various levels ensure quality learning

Track 3: The knowns and unknowns of Contemporary Education Technology by Mr Amit Goyal

Mr Amit Goyal is the country Head of edX (an initiative by MIT and Harvard), He has a strong knowledge of government machinery on contemporary educational technology. Amit has been a key person on the very famous Akash tablet project by DataWind.


– Filling the gap between rural and urban Indian education-

– How to use Open Source Technologies to host your own MOOCs

– Possibilities in K-12 space with digital content and mobile technology

Section 2: Technology Enabled Educational Trends; Globalisation and opportunities

Track 4: Partnership, Innovation and Collaboration: The way forward by Dr. Ng Khar Thoe


– Use of Edmodo (a social learning platform) to participate in global networking and collaboration with school in SEAMEO region and beyond

– Understanding the concepts of creativity and innovation

– Various tools for future learning and exemplary practices to promote networking in education

Track 5: Researchers and Practitioners: Their online stories by Dr. Suma Jayachandran


– Importance of Social presence and teacher immediacy for student learning

– Values integrated curriculum for arts, music, science, maths and Social sciences are important for affective domain

– Quality content and assessment assures online learning

Track 6: Tinkering : Playing with Technology to get ready for dynamic future by Mr. Anupam Kaushik

Anupam is is looking after Education Technology in GEAERD and also happens to be the founder at and EDIX(Educational Innovation Exchange). He is passionate about educational innovations and is exploring usage of EdTech to implement right methodologies in schools.


– How to make a team in school for technology labs

– What is Tinkering and its importance

– How to set up a Tinkering Lab in your school

– Latest technology trends and the catch up plan

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