August 17, 2016

Himannshu Sharma

Himannshu Sharma is a visionary social educational entrepreneur, a thought leader who is striving hard to bring the desired and much needed reforms in the education space. He believes that reforms and changes has to be a continuous process in any system and hence feel that education should be completely equipped to accept and integrate changes.

With his exposure in school education and skill development space he realised a big gap and the need for extensive research and development and started GEAERD “Global Educators Association for Educational Research and Development”, a social education enterprise that is working towards bridging the gaps in school and skill education space through extensive research and implementation. GEAERD also acts as a fastest growing community of educators, educational leaders, experts and policy makers and is now present in 60 plus counties.

Himannshu is also the Chairman and Managing Director of SAEE “Singapore Academy of Educational Excellence” an organisation working towards educators development and growth mechanism along with acting as a change agent for educational institutions. SAEE also runs its own play schools and K-12 schools in many countries and also managing various schools as a part of the strategic tie-ups.

He is a passionate educational entrepreneur who is the driving force behind the mission to provide quality education for all and that led him mentor many schools and educational institutions globally and also support organisations and governments by being in their advisory council and support them at various front.

He is a highly acclaimed entrepreneurial coach and motivational and leadership speaker and a highly sought after Guest speaker in corporate and educational institutions