May 11, 2016

Individual Membership

Individual Membership is provided to the academicians and educational researchers in India and Internationally.

Individuals can can avail both Annual membership and Lifetime membership (tenure of Lifetime membership is 5 years) at a below mentioned membership cost

Silver Membership
Annual Membership (1Year) is $40/-
Lifetime Membership (5 years) is $120/-

Gold Membership:
We don’t have annual option in Gold membership
Lifetime Membership (5 years) is $500/-

Our members will get the following benefits (Benefits are available only in the membership term and only for individual members):
Silver Members
1. Free entry in all our Summits & Seminars (With Prior Registration and Invitation)
2. Subsidised pricing for webinars, workshops and training programs
3. Subsidised pricing for products and services offered under GEAERD or by our partner organisations.
4. Opportunity to network with like minded educators or institutions, globally .
5. Subsidised pricing for Awards Nomination.

Gold Members
1. All the benefits of Silver members
2. Gold members may also get the opportunity to work in the core team of GEAERD and represent different departments or regions. 
3. Gold members will also get the opportunity to be a part of the think tank team based on their expertise and they will also get the opportunity to shoulder the project. and more…

Note: Only Gold members can represent GEAERD on voluntary basis and not as employee. We hope that we all join hand in hand on this wonderful journey as volunteer to widen and expand our role and purpose to improve the quality and value of education as one united GEAERD team…We truly seek your support.

All our members will get a digital membership certificate and the logo which they can use on their profile

How to be our Silver member:
1. Download the membership form
2. Submit the fee online
3.Fill it, Scan it, Upload it, attach the relevant documents and the payment receipt and send it to

How to be our Gold member:
1. Gold membership is completely based on the expertise of the applicant. All the applicant are supposed to submit the application form along with the copy of their certificates and experience letters along with 5 references and a non refundable application fee of $50/-
2. After scrutinisation our team will approve/disapprove the application.
3. Once it is disapproved, you can again file for it after 2 years
4. once it is approved, you are then eligible to take the membership and that eligibility will be valid for 3 months time period for taking the gold membership.

Note: Membership will be awarded only to the Teachers/principals and academicians (non business entity) and subject to approval from the board and only after qualifying the criteria.In case of disqualification, membership amount will be refunded in the applicant’s account.

International applicants will have to submit the form along with the relevant documents at, post submission we will send you the membership fee request from paypal.

Click Here for the Membership Form for Indian Citizens

Click Here for the Membership Form for International Citizens

Note: We will accept fresh memberships after 25th january